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What brick is the general pool?

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There are many types of swimming pools. Different types of swimming pools are different. The choice of swimming pool bricks is different.
1, fitness swimming pool: generally use international standard pool bricks, will also be assigned a children's land, using ceramic mosaics to do dolphins, starfish and other puzzles.

2, community swimming pool: the general community will be equipped with swimming pools, the community is generally paved with porcelain ceramic mosaic as paving materials, using sky blue dark blue mixed ceramic mosaic.

3, professional gymnasium: professional swimming pool is generally equipped with 50X25M 50X21 standard pool, using 244x119mm international standard pool tiles.
These tiles are suitable for use in swimming pools, swimming pools and training pools, standard swimming pools such as school swimming pools, white or light blue standard pool tiles, and dark lane line tiles.
In addition, the poolside will also use a complete set of accessory bricks such as pool handrail bricks and pool skid bricks. The handrail bricks are shaped and the production cost is slightly higher. It has the function of trimming, safety handrail and anti-bone on the shore. It is a kind of swimming pool brick that must be used by Bingyong.

4, high-end villa pool, hotel pool, spa club pool and other non-race swimming pools: pool pool bottom pool commonly used tiles: specifications can be selected 73 * 73, 48 * 48, 25 * 25, 20 * 20, 10 * 10, 100X100, 150x150mm, etc.



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